80s Nostalgia quiz: Interactive 80s quiz


The 80s Nostalgia quiz to for hosting an 80s event

Test your 80s nostalgia with this fun quiz : Interactive 80s quiz game book. If you were fortunate to raised in this awesome decade, love relieving the fond memories of the decade and love 80s nostalgia, you will love Interactive 80s Quiz Game book.

Relive 80s nostalgia



80s nostalgia  quiz: Interactive 80s Game

with this fun quiz : Interactive 80s quiz game book. The ultimate 80s quiz game offering so much fun and enjoyment. If you were fortunate to be raised in this awesome decade, love 80s trivia quiz  and love 80s nostalgia quiz, you will love Interactive 80s Quiz Game book. Plenty of fun and excitement to relive 80s nostalgia and even host an 80s party. So much insights about the decade.

What 80s nostalgia do you fondly remember?

  • Retailers like Fine Fare, Our Price, Woolworths, Toymaster
  • Animations like Transformers, He Man, Thundercats, Smurfs and much more

  • Great tv shows like Grange Hill, Bullseye, Only Fools and Horses
  • Cool movies: Back to the Future, Big, The Breakfast Club, Return of the Jedi and much more
  • Great music of all time: George Michael, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran and much more
  • Iconic sporting moments:  US athlete Carl Lewis making Olympic history, 86 world cup and much more
  • Events: Live Aid, end of Cold War and much more
  • Fashion: Rubik Cube, Shell suit, personal stereos and much more

Test Your knowledge with the 80s Nostalgia quiz: Interactive 80s game contains the following

  • An overview about the 1980s, reflecting what life was like in the  decade. Remember Woolworths, Fine Fare, Rubik Cube
  • An 80s trivia quiz game testing your trivia knowledge about the 80s music trivia, 80s cartoon trivia, 80s Tv trivia, 80s movie trivia, 80s sports trivia, 80s culture trivia. Guess what? You can play the 80s trivia quiz like a board game. A fun and challenging game. How? You simply download and print the 80s trivia quiz game as an A3 template through this Printable Board Games – Engaged Games.  How cool is that?  Play with your families and friends the 80s Trivia quiz, hosting an 80s night.  Play some classic 80s tunes and have some refreshments to enjoy the event. You can dress in an 80s fancy dress like Boy George, Madonna, ear shell suit, Here is a link of fancy dress ideas https://shorturl.at/TsQqu Who will be crowned 80s trivia Quiz Champion? Rules on how to play the 80s Trivia quiz game book is included the quiz book
  • There are interesting facts about each 80s theme , you may not know like bands names could have different, actors conflicting, but still did iconic tv shows and much more
  • You can play another fun and challenging 80s game called 80s party game. There are combination of 80s trivia rounds, charade and picture rounds related to the 80s. A great game for hosting 80s night. You can 80s party board game template as A3 to play with families and friends, hosting an 80s event. Go to Printable Board Games – Engaged Games. Rules are included in the game.
  • The fun is not complete, as you can play a mallet mallet style testing your 80s trivia knowledge by getting many possible through a given question Name 80s number ones. How good is your 80s trivia knowledge?
  • Even more fun and challenging games like  a song and you have the guess the song. how good are your humming skills?  and name the 80s song based on the lyrics of classic tunes.
  • Tips on how to host an 80s party
  • My personal memories of the decade
  • A chapter of my life in 1980s

If you love 80s nostalgia and trivia , the Interactive 80s quiz book is the perfect choice.

Why do we call the book interactive?

  • You can play the book on long car, plane and train journeys to relieve boredom
  • You can play on holidays
  • You can play in the evening with family and friends to brighten your evenings . You may want to host an 80s event or special themed birthday.

Another great site to relieve the 80s nostalgia is www.lifeintheeighties.net

Please watch the video about the 80s trivia quiz game through the video 1980s QUIZ BOOK: Do you love the 80s decade and how well do you remember the decade? #80s (youtube.com)

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