Care Home Quiz Package: Bringing entertainment and fun for care homes


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One of our  Care Home Quiz Package is the Senior Quiz Champion.  Care Home Quiz Package is a  wonderful way to engage and entertain residents while providing a fun and interactive activity Have plenty of  fun and laughter whilst playing the quiz . With a range of questions and 5 quiz packages containing 5 rounds, there is plenty of variety topics to keep participants interested and engaged. There is a wide range of topics included the quiz package as follows

Senior Quiz Package 1: 1970s 2. Geography 3. Animals 4. Food & Drinks 5. Complete the English proverb
Senior Quiz Package 2: 1. Science 2. History 3.Name the pictured dog breed 4. Name the famous landmark 5. Unravel the conundrum
Senior Quiz Package 3: 1. 1980s 2.Match people with correct inventions 3. Name the pictured country 4. Name the pictured dessert 5.What is right number?
Senior Quiz Package 4 1. Name the famous person based on the clues 2.Name the song based on the lyrics 3.Name the chocolate bar based on the description 4. Movies 5. Which came first? Which is longest?
Senior Quiz Package 5 1. Match quote with correct leader 2.Name the pictured animal 3. Name the pictured biscuit 4, TV shows 5. Books

What is so unique about Care Home Quiz package?

  • We create a real quiz and rewarding quiz experience. The inclusion of a customized award for the winner adds a competitive and rewarding element to the quiz, providing recognition for the winner of each quiz package . You can display the customised award on the wall feeling proud that you have won the Senior Quiz Champion. There is a great personal connection the Care Home Quiz Package
  • A scoresheet is included to keep track of score in each rounds. Easy to use and professionally designed.
  • In case of a draw, tie breaker questions are included to create the atmosphere of playing a quiz through a memorable showdown.  Plenty of thrills and excitement
  • PDF files handouts are included of each five round in Senior Care Home Quiz Package
  • Answer sheet are included
  • A feedback form is included: as we want to hear your thoughts about our Senior Home Quiz Package. Your feedback is much appreciated. Will help us to deliver new quiz packages at care homes. Client satisfaction is paramount

Our goal is to bring entertainment and fun for Care Homes, creating a memorable experience.  A few suggested ideas for Care Homes are as follows

In all our quiz packages, we give recognition for the winner through customised awards.

Who will be crowned the champion in this superb Care Home Quiz Package? Please try it out and watch our video to catch a glimpse of our Care Home Quiz Package



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