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Engaged Provide interactive, fun and printable quiz board games for families or friends to enjoy. We have a wide range of games for you to experience!

You can play face to face against each other or even online by using our online platforms. Either way we have something for you!



Go Back To The 80's!

Check out our 80s themed game and relive the nostalgia with charades and trivia!



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The ‘Engaged’ name was inspired by the aspect of needing to keep our minds engaged through playing quiz games. If you are feeling bored, looking to entertain your children and love quizzes, then you will love Engaged Games. This is an exciting venture and I want to make the experience as fun and interactive as possible for both adults and children to enjoy.

You can print board game templates from the books to play like physical board games on the products page. You can play via online platforms or face to face with families and friends. Engaged games creates the atmosphere of playing board games in a social setting once again.

Engaged Games hope to capture and inspire you! Want to play our games?

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Think You Know Disney?

Test yourself with our fantiastic disney trivia board game!


Interactive Quizes!

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Printable Board Games

Printable Board Games

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Play Online

Interactive Quizes

Interactive Quizes

About Us

Hi, my name is Pritthijit! And I am the creator behind Engaged Games!

The idea behind Engaged Games came to me when I started to think about what I could create. In these difficult times, I needed to engage myself. I am a very creative person and I wanted to explore a new idea which is how printable board games came to mind.

I took the idea further in 2020 and started three written and two interactive quiz game books: The 1980s Interactive Game book, Interactive Dog Quiz and Animal Interactive Game book. I tested the idea with friends on a zoom quiz night and they loved the idea.

I hope you enjoy!


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